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UK 49s Teatime

Uk49s Teatime Results Today

The Latest UK49 results have been released for the Teatime draws on Thursday 20 June 2024. The Uk49s Teatim8e results have been announced, and we have updated the results below for your viewing. These are the Official Latest Teatime Results. We update the website continuously for the UK and South African players. The Teatime results are posted daily at 20:05 [SAST] Time. Check Lottery Winning Numbers as UK 49s Teatime Results Uk49s Teatime Results Thursday 20 June 2024.

UK49 Teatime Results for Today; Thursday 20 June 2024
Winning NumbersBooster

Uk49s Teatime Results TodayAll Teatime Results 2024

Teatime Results Overview

Teatime results are the second draw of the day. Keep up to date with the latest results as soon as they are released by bookmarking this page or following us on Facebook or Twitter. We also have Past Results going back years. This would be helpful to you so you can see what the most played numbers are. Lunchtime results are the first draw of the day. The second draw is called Teatime results and the latest results can be found on our Homepage.

How to Play UK 49s Teatime?

The UK49’s Teatime is not the same as many other old structured lotteries around the globe. You can choose the numbers between 1 to 49 as per your own will in each draw. However, the seventh ball, known as “Booster,” accelerates your winning prize. To win a jackpot, you have to choose all the numbers, including the booster ball. You only win a prize for matching all of the numbers you pick, so if you play five numbers, you must match all five to win; pick four numbers, and you must match all four, and so on. There is no fixed entry cost; you can choose how much you would like to wager, giving you more flexibility and more control over the kind of prize you could win. You can also choose to enter either the six-number draw or the seven-number draw that includes the Booster. The additional number makes it easier to win a prize, so the payouts are slightly lower in the seven-number draw.

Playing from South Africa

49’s Teatime is played in betting shops across the UK but cannot be played the same way in South Africa. However, you can also play UK49’s Teatime online from around the world. Here’s how to play online from South Africa:

  • Find an online betting provider that offers wagers on 49’s Teatime.
  • Decide whether you are entering the six-number draw or the seven-number draw.
  • Choose how many numbers you would like to match, from one to five. Remember that to win you must match all the numbers you pick, but the more numbers you pick, the bigger the prize.
  • Choose your numbers from a range between 1 and 49.
  • Set the amount you would like to wager.
  • Follow the instructions on the site to pay for your wager. If it is your first visit, you may need to create an online account.
  • There are many benefits to playing online. Firstly, your numbers are kept safe and secure in your account, meaning you’ll never lose an entry. Prizes can be paid directly to your account if you win and with some providers, you can set up a subscription, so you’ll never miss a draw.

Odds of Winning

UK 49s has an extremely simple prize pattern for its players as it uses a “pure odds” mechanism. UK49’s Teatime does not have a conventional lottery prize structure; instead, it uses a “pure odds” mechanic. As a result, winnings are directly influenced by your chosen bookmaker’s odds of winning. Using the same example, a R10 wager on one matching number would return a R60 prize, with odds of 6/1. With a seven-number draw, you have a better chance of winning since the Booster is included in the numbers you can match. Below you will find the various divisions where you can win prizes, along with the average odds for the six-number and seven-number draws, and the returns for a R10 bet on each.

UK49’s Teatime Prizes and Odds
Prize DivisionApproximate Odds (6-Number Draw)Return (R10 Wager)Approximate Odds (7-Number Draw)Return (R10 Wager)
Pick 5150,000/1R1,500,00050,000/1R500,000
Pick 48,000/1R80,0004,500/1R45,000
Pick 3650/1R6,500328/1R3,280
Pick 266/1R66045/1R450
Pick 16/1R605/1R50

UK49s Teatime Prize

The negative aspect of this asymmetrical betting system is that a player creates a certain prize structure where symmetry is observed in odds. Obviously, the prize amounts will also vary depending on the fact of how much money a player will wager on any given outcome. The Uk49s lottery offers the odds for each of the possible outcomes ranging between 6 to 1 for the single number to the odds of around 14000000 to 1 for winning the top prize of 7 numbers ranging from 6 to Bonus Ball. The only variant that remains unchanged for UK49s is its odds; other than that everything can be decided by the playing party.

Hot & Cold Balls

What are the differences between hot and cold balls? Hot balls are the numbers that are drawn the most and cold balls are the numbers that are drawn the least. We want you to win and to make things easier for you. We have a chart that shows what the Hot and Cold Balls are and we encourage you to have a look as this can greatly increase your chances of winning. The hot and cold ball chart will be updated every two months. We would encourage you to bookmark the page and check back every month to increase your chances of winning.

How do UK49s predictions work?

  • Different communities share different schemes and heck, even software is used these days. They can get you on the right path or can make you run in circles of losing only to be chasing towards the tail of winning.
  • Word of advice – avoid any schema of choice made by someone, even if suggested by your near colleagues. Don’t bother with copying tactics, yet calculations can work in some cases.
  • Some users choose their UK lotto numbers completely at random, and this is called blind shots. Either you hit or a big miss. People take their birth dates, the death dates of famous people, and whatnot, which is random and obscure. Do not get deceived by such ideas which look bliss but actually are not.
  • The consequence of choosing numbers by your side and remaining faithful to the UK 49s predictions doesn’t affect the Teatime draw(UK 49s evening result).
  • The only factor that works is the ability to select good combinations of numbers that other people neglect. See even at odds which will lead to a greater prize amount.

UK Teatime Results Timing

UK49s Teatime Results 2023 Draw usually takes place around 5:49 PM the UK time from Feb till October. In addition to this, the draw is also made at around 4:49 PM for the rest of the year.

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