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Lunchtime Results 2022

We warmly welcome all the UK 49s players to this page of our site which is providing you the latest and updated results of  UK 49s Lunchtime Results 2022.

May 2022

21 May 2022
20 May 202210112338424716
19 May 2022714213435364
18 May 202236821273011
17 May 2022815202122436
16 May 20221017182737398
15 May 20224131418343835
14 May 202210172023354518
13 May 202224172430315
12 May 2022262732344338
11 May 20225101324253648
10 May 20222102336404932
9 May 20223141622394715
8 May 20226283032363747
7 May 202224911172220
6 May 20229293740424927
5 May 202224293338404648
4 May 2022517203238482
3 May 202210172224414245
2 May 20221420232534385
1 May 20223141525284621

April 2022

30 April 202223313237427
29 April 202219202632374549
28 April 202211161724384130
27 April 202217222934364816
26 April 20221821334147482
25 April 20228203334353724
24 April 2022782731363734
23 April 202210161930324314
22 April 20225101319424843
21 April 2022893141474913
20 April 202216262737434930
19 April 20221347273428
18 April 20227223436374932
17 April 202218232930342
16 April 202210273538454818
15 April 2022132032353614
14 April 202212131823344711
13 April 202211152426434633
12 April 20225101935454822
11 April 20227101332384617
10 April 202246111828369
9 April 20221018313442484
8 April 2022210111847487
7 April 202216931324017
6 April 202289182533437
5 April 2022151017214326
4 April 2022151526294131
3 April 2022561825334232
2 April 2022121823434442
1 April 2022571319324721

March 2022

7 March 2022372630373938
6 March 2022161013213936
5 March 202269132126494
4 March 202221252832374720
3 March 2022891822304945
2 March 20221130394445495
1 March 20228222938444531

February 2022

28 February 202245816294036
27 February 2022181820233834
26 February 20225678303115
25 February 2022341416344039
24 February 20224591620403
23 February 2022121524314248
22 February 2022710363942448
21 February 2022711121831355
20 February 2022711243843479
19 February 202212253243444723
18 February 202223925334544
17 February 202211131828384739
16 February 2022181417242632
15 February 202267810162815
14 February 20229111518333628
13 February 2022161112234235
12 February 2022210172428408
11 February 202213162328354438
10 February 2022293739434821
9 February 20228192032354844
8 February 2022231519323829
7 February 20227103343444742
6 February 202223621284941
5 February 20221171822233920
4 February 20224121316172844
3 February 20228162331363841
2 February 2022352024304537
1 February 20221724374045479

Teatime Results 2022


January 2022

31 January 202203152038424904
30 January 202210152224293923
29 January 202214303437404108
28 January 202203122836394205
27 January 202207091131333519
26 January 202209151929374739
25 January 202205192223243918
24 January 202207111327464933
23 January 202215223136444520
22 January 202205102126374140
21 January 202204141922303529
20 January 202206101530334713
19 January 202205253841434540
18 January 202215232936374627
17 January 202215192636454829
16 January 202204060825374331
15 January 202204051929374412
14 January 202210142236374847
13 January 202202293238414414
12 January 202215233238414617
11 January 202226303342434808
10 January 202223253541454905
9 January 202203102032334344
8 January 202206142937444822
7 January 202212233137444924
6 January 202201060814414229
5 January 202202081121334124
4 January 202207122325273045
3 January 202212161930444514
2 January 202224313742474941
1 January 202205082531424426

An Overview

The 49s lottery takes place in the UK and South Africa as well. Moreover, the uk 49s lottery results are declared as ‘Lunchtime’ and ‘Teatime’ Results. There is a 6 number draw and a 7 number draw. The latter has an extra booster number for better chances.

How to Play the Best to Win Lunchtime Result 2022?

It is possible to play smartly using this strategy. Lunchtime results are taken advantage of by using the wheeling system. Wheels can be divided into three categories: full wheels, key number wheels, and abbreviated wheels. There are imaginable numbers on a full lottery wheel, and this wheel offers a variety of ways to win a variety of prizes, including a large jackpot. You can get the Result of Both Lotteries Now UK49s Lunchtime Results & Teatime Results Here. The abbreviated wheel is the one that provides minimum chances to win but gives appropriate results.

You can choose between a six-ball draw and a seven-ball draw when playing the UK 49s. You choose up to five numbers from the first six to be drawn in a six-ball draw. You may choose up to five numbers from all seven to be drawn in the seven-ball draw. Unlike other lotteries in the UK, 49s allows you to choose the amount you wish to bet and which of the daily draws you wish to bet on. You have a 1 in 49 chance of winning the 49s if you choose 1 number; and a 1 in 13,983,816 chance if you choose 6 numbers. There is no fixed jackpot prize for the 49s. The size of your bet and the odds of the bookmaker you choose determine your winnings.

Lunchtime Results 2022

How to Check the Uk49s Lottery Result:

Let me show you how to check the LunchTime results 2022. It’s surprisingly easy to visualize your result from your lottery ticket, and you are able to match this variety from any official website. Here is the complete process that can assist you to find your lucky number.

Various countries have unique codes, so check the one for your country, such as for metropolis, Ireland, or the big apple, which are 49, 47, or 59. Basically you’ll play 49s by bidding your look and offices if you’ve lost your money, and if you’ve done that, you’ll have the option to pay through the issue you’ve bid for. Understanding the principles of this game and understanding what lunch time entails are possible with this procedure.

Lunchtime Result today HOT and COLD Numbers

Numbers from the previous two months are used to calculate Hot & Cold. It is traditionally drawn more times for hot balls and fewer times for cold balls. These numbers can be checked every day on our website.

Cold and Hot Balls of Lunchtime Results

49s results are used to determine the coldest and hottest numbers. It has been drawn more than once in its history, so it is considered a hot number. The hot number for the model is the new number, and you can also define the hot number as the number that has been hit the most times in history. Additionally, the cold number is defined as the number that hasn’t been hit for a long period of time. Comparing hot and cold numbers is the best method to compare the actual and expected results.

Hot Numbers:

Hot numbers are those that have recently appeared on a draw and are not expected to appear in the future. Below is a list of some hot numbers.

47, 19, 3, 20, 39, 4, 12 and 37 are the hot numbers which are drawn mostly in recent 2022 draws till now in UK 49s Lunchtime results 2022.

Cold Numbers:

Lotto numbers that haven’t been drawn for some time are considered cold numbers. Using this golden advantage, one can use Chart 3, Quick Stats to find some useful information about hot and cold numbers. If you compare the actual hits and the expected hits, you can immediately tell whether the number is higher or lower than usual.

The cold numbers from previous 2 months results are 32, 13, 30, 28, 7, 8, 38, and 21 in lunchtime results 2022.

How to check UK 49s Lunchtime Results in 2022?

To check the winning numbers for Today UK 49s Lunchtime Lottery tickets, follow the steps below. For your convenience, we have provided direct steps to check your 49s results below.

  • Initially visit UK 49s lunchtime results page of this website : 
  • Check the winning 49s UK Lunchtime numbers for today.
  • Verify the result with your number
  • If your selected number is presented on the result, claim your prize reward.

The UK49 Lottery involves drawing a bunch of numbers, like other lotteries. This includes a booster number. Each number is drawn from 1 to 49. The player has the choice of playing the 6 number draw or the 7 number draw, of which the additional number is the booster number. Additionally, he or she has the option of picking the numbers or letting the lucky dip determine the outcome.

In both lotteries, each number costs £1. If the chosen number appears in the 6 number draw, the prize will be £7, while if the same number appears in the 7 number draw, the prize will be £6. Based on how many of your numbers matched up with the winning ones, the amount keeps increasing.

If 5 of your numbers match the resulting draw, you will win £125,000 for the 6 number draw, and £40,000 if the same happens in the 7 number draw.

How to play the UK 49s Lunchtime Lottery Game Online?

Players need to follow the following rules in order to play UK 49s Lunchtime Lotto. The following tips will help you play the lunchtime lottery online.

We will describe to you all the procedures of playing for lunchtime results, so you do not have to worry about it if you want to know how.

You can choose six numbers from 1 to 49 and one booster ball from 1 to 49 in the UK lunchtime results. It all depends on how much money you want to spend. Both online and offline games are available.

The basic rules of the game are the same for everyone, whether they are from the United Kingdom or another country. You should keep these simple things in mind before playing for lunchtime results in the UK.

  • You can play the 49’s Lunchtime and Teatime game online by selecting an online betting service
  • Choosing a six or number is up to you.
  • Decide how much money you want to bet on the draw
  • You must confirm and pay your bet
  • You must choose 6 or 7 numbers from 1-49.
  • It will be the booster for you if you select the 7th number.
  • Booster numbers increase your chances of winning the game.