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All About Astro Luna

SUPER Astro is a contemporary game of chance and luck in which the player decides the amount of his bet and selects a number with no more than four digits and one (1) of the twelve signs of the zodiac so that his number and sign coincide with the result of the draw, which is broadcast live on Channel 1. Coljuegos regulates the national game SUPER Astro, which is in charge of Corredor Empresarial SA according to concession contracts 1725 of December 27 and agreement 03 of June 25, 2019. Its sale is restricted to people under 18 years of age, people with mental illnesses, and people with court orders.
One of the most popular lottery games in Colombia is Astro Luna. By incorporating the zodiac signs element, Super Millionaire Astro is a lottery game that has revolutionized the industry. Business broker SA has organized the game, which has been running since 2014. Since its launch, it has gained popularity and success.

Astro Luna draw time

Every day, Astro Luna plays. Right before the draw, you can buy tickets and place a bet. The astro luna último sorteo draw starts at 22:50. The draw takes place every Monday and Saturday at 10:50 p.m. However, the time of the draw on Sunday is at 8:30 p.m.

How to start playing Astro Luna?

First of all, you must have a ticket to be able to participate in this lottery game. The simplest option is to buy your ticket at an approved minority business or point of opportunity. These are usually distributed throughout the area. Also, they sell tickets to all available local events. However, there is a purchase limit for each of these options. As a result, with regard to these state limits, you should consider and consult with qualified professionals.
After arriving at the location you have chosen, select a combination of four numbers and your preferred zodiac sign. Players must not only select the correct numbers but also match their numbers to their corresponding zodiac sign. The game becomes more challenging and exciting with this added layer of complexity.
Placing a bet is the next step in this game. The minimum and maximum participation amounts are 500 and 10,000 pesos, respectively.

Where you can check the result of Astro Luna

Astro Luna is broadcast here from Monday through Friday at 10:45 p.m., Saturdays at 10:42 p.m., and Sundays (or holidays) at 8:30 p.m. Your draw will be carried live on Channel UNO. If you missed the stream, you may view the most recent at Astro Luna Resultado Dotcom. On our website, statistics and information are consistently updated.
As an alternative, you can buy it from a trustworthy ticket vendor, who will guarantee that the ticket is in perfect shape when you buy it. Typically, you may do this by checking to see if the draw date and time associated with that day have changed. You can prevent a headache and be taken advantage of by taking a few easy steps.

How to claim rewards

High-value prizes will be given out by a certified regional majority organization. Generally speaking, the value of your prize will depend on the amount of money you decide to stake on the winning ticket. When you wish to convert it to cash, you must wait a few hours for the business to write a cheque in your name. Typically, Banco Occidente handles this process, and you can use their services to pick up your prize money from any conveniently located financial institution.

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